Flying Area


Please remember that to legally free-fly in Italy you are required to carry (a) a valid national free-flying license and an IPPI CARD level 4 (if you are a EU citizen) or (b) a FAI license, in addition of your insurance. For non-EU citizen the national free-flying license need to be accepted by in Italy, please check with your federation prior of your arrival.

You are more than welcome to fly in our area. Please feel free to use the club’s takeoffs, we ask you to buy a FlyCard. Be aware that the takeoffs are unattended. Sometimes there are cows or horses in the area, be careful when leaving you staff on the ground! It is at your risk.
On our website you can find more information related to:


Please note that there are not scheduled shuttle service to the takeoffs and you need to organize the ride-up by yourself or, if you prefer, hike and fly.
Two local private shuttle services may be available (call in advance) if you are a group of 5 or more:


If you are not confident to fly in a new flying area by yourself or you need shuttle service to the takeoffs, you can reach out one of the organization listed below that can help you out (whatsapp or email are either fine):

LODGING (B&B, Camping & Hotels)

At the tourist office website of Caprino Veronese, you can find all the details for your stay: